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The Ohio Senate and Ohio House of Representatives have approved House Bill 5. It will now go before Governor Kasich. Click below for more information on why cities still have reason to be concerned.

UPDATE (12/15/14):

HB 5 - A substitute version of House Bill 5 (subHB5) as amended by and voted on by the Ohio Senate has now also passed the Ohio House of Representatives.  From this point, the bill will go before Governor John Kasich for final approval.

We will keep you updated on any developments as they become available.

About subHB5

The House Bill 5 substitute bill will hurt cities because:

  • It forces a five year Net Operating Loss, causing a significant revenue loss for 40% of Ohio’s municipalities
  • It changes occasional entrant withholding requirements from 12 to 20 days, with no look back to day one for the worksite city (tax “free days”)
  • It allows pass-through entity losses to offset unlike income, regardless of where or how that income was earned
  • It institutes an assessment policy rife with bureaucratic red tape and certified letters (for potentially every piece of correspondence), costing municipalities in postage and staff hours

A municipal income tax system in Ohio that’s reasonable and simple is possible and attainable with the proper legislation.  Join us in helping municipalities around Ohio oppose subHB5 and convince lawmakers to do what’s best for all of Ohio by demanding true uniformity in Ohio municipal income tax.

subHB5 Resources:

Click here to read subHB5 as introduced during the press conference.
Click here to read the House Ways and Means Committee’s Omnibus Amendment to subHB5.
Click here to read the Ohio Legislative Service Commission’s HB 5 and subHB5 comparison.
Click here to read a review of subHB5 from the perspective of Ohio’s municipalities.

Click here to submit your resolution or impact analysis to Ohio United.

Who We Are: Ohio United

We are an advocacy group for Ohio’s cities and villages, initiated by Ohio’s First Suburbs Consortiums and communities from the Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Toledo metropolitan areas.

Mike Summers, Mayor, Lakewood
Jennifer Kuzma, Director, NEO-FSC
Jack Jenson, Executive Director, First Suburbs Dayton
Tom Moeller, City Manager, Madeira
Steve Byington, Vice Mayor, Oakwood
Bill Doering, Councilman, Amberly Village
Ben Kessler, Mayor, Bexley
Earl Leiken, Mayor, Shaker Heights

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