HB 5 is a municipal tax bill co-sponsored by Ohio House Majority Whip Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City) and Rep. Mike Henne (R-Vandalia). It was introduced to the Ohio General Assembly on January 30, 2013 with the proposed purpose of promoting uniformity and simplicity within Ohio’s municipal income tax structure while maintaining a degree of revenue neutrality for all municipalities involved.

The bill as presented falls short of its claimed objectives.  If passed, HB 5 would introduce legislation detrimental to the financial stability of Ohio’s municipalities.  By including unfunded mandates and calling for the needless application of complicated bureaucratic red tape, the bill would serve to cripple the ability of municipalities to provide basic services to both residents and resident businesses alike.  There are also several instances within the bill where Ohio’s municipal “home rule” provisions are either threatened or rendered invalid.

This harmful bill is opposed by communities and organizations across the state. Within this website, you will find background information about the bill and Ohio’s municipal tax structure in general, data concerning HB 5’s financial impact on your community, and various ways to make your voice heard.

A municipal income tax system in Ohio that’s reasonable, simple, and revenue neutral is possible and attainable with the proper legislation.  Help us oppose HB 5 and convince lawmakers to do what’s best for all of Ohio by demanding true uniformity in Ohio municipal income tax.