City Leaders, Still Hurting From Kasich’s Cuts to Local Government, Urge HB5 Veto – Plunderbund

Posted on: December 11th, 2014

“On a Tuesday morning conference call, municipal leaders called on John Kasich to veto HB 5, a bill that would significantly limit the ability of individual municipalities to dictate and enforce their own tax collection process at the local level, potentially resulting in the loss of about $82 million if signed into law.  The bill is now headed to the governor for his signature.

In the waning days of a friendly GOP legislature, HB 5 crossed the finish line after requests by opponents to amend the bill fell on deaf ears. Local government officials from across the state are very concerned that HB 5 can and will result in large revenue losses beyond the cuts already suffered from the state’s twice-elected hard-right governor.

On the call Thursday morning was Rep. Mike Foley (D-Cleveland), President of ‘Moving Ohio Forward,’ Mayor Jamie Healy, City of Canton, Mayor Nan Whaley, City of Dayton, Councilman Ryan Jolley, City of Gahanna and Auditor Luke Feeney, City of Chillicothe, each of whom asked Gov. Kasich to veto the bill and allow for more time to craft a new bill that will not bring drastic cuts to our local governments.

Gahanna Councilman Ryan Jolley said his suburban Columbus community could lose nearly another $200,000 on top of the $1.3 million it lost when Kasich made billions in cuts in his first budget to local governments. ‘HB 5 is not an answer,’ he said today…”

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