Effects on Your Community

In this section, you can see how your community and the communities around you have responded to harmful municipal tax legislation, such as HB 5—whether by passing resolutions in opposition, or by generating impact reports illustrating exactly how much they stand to lose with each bill’s potential passage.

HB 5′s Financial Impact on Ohio’s Communities

City/Village Monetary Impact Total Revenue Gain/Loss
Bedford^ Negative $1,717,062
Brook Park^ Negative $312,000
Brookville** Negative $200,000
Bucyrus^ Negative $500,000
Carlisle** Negative $60,000
Centerville** Negative $728,000
Central Collection Agency (CCA) Negative Agency-wide: $10,279,000 loss in 2015, $2,879,000 sustained annual loss
Cincinnati^ Negative $5,200,000
Columbus^^ Negative $666,802
Dayton Negative $2,451,000
Englewood^ Negative Between $400,000 and $700,000 annually
Fairfield^ Negative $400,000
Franklin^ Negative $482,591
Granville^ Negative $150,000
Heath^ Negative $700,000
Huber Heights** Negative $975,000
Kettering Negative Between $606,000 and $806,000
Lakewood Negative $220,000 sustained yearly loss
Mansfield^ Negative $1,000,000
Marietta^ Negative $245,000
Marysville^ Negative $500,000
Miamisburg^ Negative Between $500,000 and $700,000 annually
Middletown^ Negative $600,000
Monroe^ Negative $335,000 to $385,000
Moraine** Negative $86,000
Mount Vernon^ Negative $300,000
Napoleon Negative $258,347
North Canton^ Negative $949,500
Oakwood** Negative $436,000
Parma Heights^ Negative $609,565
Piqua^ Negative $500,000
Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA)* Negative Agency-wide: estimated $8,592,399 in 2015
Sharonville^ Negative $280,000
Sidney^ Negative $95,000
Springboro** Negative $838,000
Springfield^ Negative $618,000
Tiffin^ Negative $170,000
Trotwood** Negative $704,000
Troy** Negative $750,000
Union** Negative $25,000
Van Wert^ Negative $40,000
West Carrollton** Negative $425,000
Westerville^ Negative Between $300,000 and $500,000 annually
Worthington^ Negative $400,000
Xenia^ Negative $477,000
Total Loss: Conservative Estimate ($47,031,266)

*The financial impact of HB 5 will be a work in progress and as such RITA will provide additional revenue impact as it becomes available.
**These numbers were provided in a Dayton-area press release/Addendum.
^Taken from losses stated in resolutions opposing HB 5.
^^These numbers were provided in the Columbus testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee on May 1, 2013.