Generate an Impact Analysis

During a meeting held on December 7, 2012, Representative Peter Beck encouraged communities across Ohio to release monetary impact reports. The purpose of these reports is to illustrate exactly how detrimental tax legislation like HB 5 will impact the revenue of each city and village in quantifiable numerical terms. These numbers could then be used to generate data tables that show a larger picture of just how much Ohio municipalities stand to lose.

We encourage municipal administrators across Ohio to examine the impact HB 5 will have on their communities and, once examined, to report these findings in the form of impact studies.  Once completed, we ask that each municipality submit its impact analysis to Ohio United for inclusion on this website.

Below are examples of impact studies that were submitted shortly after HB 601′s release.  They range in format from data-centric spreadsheets to informational presentation-style documents, but each helps to tell the story of the negative effects of harmful tax legislation on Ohio’s communities:

Dayton Impact Analysis HB 601

CCA Impact Analysis HB 601

Lakewood Impact Analysis HB 601

Oakwood Preliminary Impact Analysis HB 601

RITA Impact Analysis HB 601

Athens Impact Analysis HB 601

If further assistance is needed in generating an impact analysis, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click here to submit your impact analysis to Ohio United.