Talk with your local employers who are multijurisdictional filers

While proponents of harmful tax uniformity legislation speak endlessly to the idea that Ohio’s current municipal income tax system hurts a great many large businesses in the State, we at Ohio United would like to get a better indication of just how much weight these assertions hold.  Thus, we are asking that municipal leaders across Ohio speak with employers in their municipalities who are multijurisdictional filers.  We encourage these same leaders to inform local employers of HB 5′s impact on their communities and ability to serve them, and to share the stories and opinions of these multijurisdictional filers with us.  If you are a leader in a city or village with no multijurisdictional filers, we ask that you share that information with us, as well.

Click here to contact us with information regarding your employers who are multijurisdictional filers.